Welcome to Project AquaRice

Feasibility Study of a Demonstration of a Real-time Monitoring  System of Water Irrigation Quality for Rice Smallholder Farmers in Araranguá River, Brazil

About Project AquaRice

This project aims to investigate and improve the feasibility of undertaking a pilot demonstration project of a Real-time Monitoring System of Water Irrigation Quality for smallholders farmers – particularly rice producers – of the Araranguá River, state of Santa Catarina, Brazil. This is a project funded by Innovate UK GCRF Demonstrate Impact and Camnexus Ltd.

AquaRice Partners and Funders

This project is funded by Innovate UK and KTN, Demonstrate Impact Global Challenge Research Fund (GCRF). 
Innovate UK is the innovation agency of the UK.

Impact of AquaRice

There are several anticipated impacts of the implementation of our technological solution as a result of this project. 

They involve economic and environmental impacts: in rice production and efficient water management and water quality monitoring, impact on access to information and infrastructure by providing with real-time data and accessible connectivity infrastructure, and impact on local capacity development, by providing new knowledge and skills for local innovation and tech adoption capability, bridging the technology and digital divide.

Water quality, in particular, salinity, affects the production yield of flooded rice crops. By monitoring in real-time the water, soil and environmental parameters during the rice culture, information will be available to farmers indicating the suitability of water for irrigation, improving fertilisation process, hence improving their productivity and wellbeing.